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Best Flash Drives | Eco-Friendly Flash Drives – We’re Green!

At BestCustomFlashDrives.com we’re committed to helping you go green.  We understand that minimizing your organization’s environmental footprint is a priority these days, yet can be tricky to accomplish.

Using USB flash drives to distribute your marketing literature, music, software, course materials – whatever your organiz

ation distributes – is an easy way to significantly reduce waste generation and environmental footprint.

Here’s how:

  • Using USB drives instead of printed and bound paper to distribute information saves reams of paper with each distribution.
  • Using USB flash drives instead of CDs and DVDs saves tons of petrochemicals and significantly reduces energy consumption.
  • Did you know that USB drives are manufactured using about HALF the petrochemicals and energy that it takes to make a CD or DVD?
  • Transferring information to a USB flash drive requires only 5% of the energy it takes to burn a CD or DVD.
  • Most CDs and DVDs are utilized as single-use items, thrown away after only 1 use, whereas USB flash drives are reusable with an average lifespan of 10 years – that’s twice the estimated lifespan of the average computer hard drive.

Also, check out our recycled plastic USB flash drives, and special recycled gift packaging, to make an even greater impact in reducing your organization’s environmental footprint.  And as with all of our drives, get valuable marketing with your logo printed on each USB drive.


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